Designed to Enhance Player Engagement

  • Play and Ear points. Players participate in exhilarating tournaments by playing our games. Every bet and moment in the game counts as they accumulate points to climb up the leaderboard.
  • Compete for top spots. The thrill intensifies as players aim to secure their positions on the LIVE leaderboard. The more they play, the higher they climb!
  • Claim prizes. Players from the top of the leaderboard will be rewarded with a share of the predefined prize pool. It’s a celebration of skill, strategy, and, most importantly, their dedication to the game.

  • Engagement boost. Elevate excitement by offering users the opportunity to win thrilling prizes, keeping them engaged and invested in the interactive and competitive environment.
  • Live Leaderboards. Heighten the competitive spirit with live leaderboards that update in real-time, creating a dynamic and thrilling atmosphere for participants.
  • Adjustable Prize Pool. Scale the prize pool to align with different tournament dynamics, ensuring a flexible and enticing incentive structure that adapts to the evolving needs of your gaming community.