This feature allows us to change the elements of the UI and make them unique for each game. Themes are already used in Top Card and Gravity Roulette. This allows us to tailor the design and interface to best suit the client’s needs.

Modern racetrack for Roulette

With this feature, players can place neighbors bets or select a specific number on the board, with both modern and classic options for the racetrack’s design.

Drag & Drop Chips

The handy “Drag and Drop” feature lets players move their chips around by picking them up and moving them to wherever they’d like to place them.

When holding their chosen chip, the player can move it to wherever they like. If they accidentally set it in the wrong place, they can simply move it again, rather than having to cancel their previous action. This feature is available for both desktop and mobile devices.

Players can use the Drag and Drop feature to place any bet or sidebet, just as before.

Mobile users can also enjoy a “Multidragging” feature, which allows them to move multiple chips at once.