BETER Live, a provider of premium live content to operators in core markets across the world, has launched Bet & Get and Tournaments.

Bet & Get has been designed to enhance player engagement and allows players to place a bet and receive an exclusive Bonus. This bonus money can be converted into real money as soon as the wagering requirement is met.

In this direction, BETER Live has ensured the feature is highly flexible, so it can be customised by targeting different groups of players, setting bonus limits, wagering amount, games, payout etc.

In addition, the live casino provider has rolled out an exciting tournament feature aimed at increasing bettors’ retention as well. For the player, there’s no need to click anything as they are automatically opted-in to the tournament. For the operator, there’s unrivalled flexibility with them being able to determine the prize pool, promotion period, modules of earning points, terms and conditions and more.

Players earn points in many different ways by playing our games – the more points they earn, the higher up the leaderboard they climb and the bigger the prizes they can potentially win.

Anna Vikmane, director at BETER Live, said: “At BETER Live, we work hard to continually bring products and experiences to market that enhance gameplay without interrupting it, and with our bonus engine featuring Bet & Get alongside Tournaments we have done just that.

“The flexibility built into each product means that operators can customise our new features to meet the specific needs of their players and deliver experiences that hit the mark.

“They can be incredibly granular with the bonus offered, segmenting players into different categories and targeting them with dedicated promotions and tournaments. This is unique in the live space and is why BETER Live is in such high demand.”

Moreover, Edvardas Sadovskis, Chief Product Officer at BETER Live, added: “We have developed an in-house promotional engine that allows us to build any kind of promotional tools on our platform.

“Bet & Get’ and ‘Tournaments’ were highly sought-after features by our partners, and they were the first to be implemented, but certainly not the last. Our partners are pleased that all promotional features are fully automated, from pop-up messages to final prize payouts and congratulations messages.

“We spend a lot of resources to ensure that we are following the entire user journey, addressing every edge case in a seamless way, and allowing players to enjoy gameplay without any interruptions.

“’Bet & Get’ and Tournaments bring another level of engagement and fun to our live games, further setting them apart from others in the market. I am very excited and proud of the entire Beter Live team for enhancing our product significantly with the Bet & Get and Tournament features.”